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This is Glowning's website. On this site, you will see all the projects and creations of Glowning. All projects listed below are fully developed by himself.
Some projects may be open source. That means that the source code is available to the public. A link will then be available redirecting to GitHub.

Have a great time on the site, and thank you for being here!

Discord Miner (app)
Discord Miner is a mini-game inspiring it from Minecraft. It is a text-based game playable on the application "Discord".
Open-source project
Creation date: October 2nd, 2018
Discord Miner (website)
This is the website for Discord Miner. On it, you will find a lot of information about the bot (the application).
Creation date: November 18th, 2018
Glowning's website
Basically the website you're on. As you can see, you can see all my projects on it. This website will be updated as soon as I develop a new project.
Creation date: February 28th, 2019
About me

Learn more thing about me, it is nice to know who I am :)
  • Name: Enzo C.
  • Age: 18 (June 8, 2001)
  • Location: France
  • Developing since: 2010
  • Known languages: HTML / CSS, PHP, JS, Java
  • Spoken languages: French, English, German